How To Find Out Wifi Password In Android Phone

Smartphone brought revolution in communicating the people worldwide.In today’s Era Internet has become the basic need of a person.Every person wants internet whatever may be the source like hotspot of another mobile phone,Wifi networks like home, colleges ,restaurant,Gym etc. I think every smartphone user have connected at least of these networks once in their phone. Whenever you connect your phone with any network ,Your phone saves the security key of that network.But the only problem is that you can not  see that security key that saved in your mobile phone. It may be the condition that you want to connect your second device to the same network or you want to share that network to your friend, But it can’t be happen until you know the password.   

So today I am going to tell you how to see the password of saved network in your android phone.

  • Some smartphone company provides the feature of sharing wifi of saved networks like Xiaomi make it available this inbuilt. All you need to do:

           Go to setting>WLAN>then select the wireless network which you want to share.

           Then tap on the share wlan network.Once the QR Code is generated.Save it for future



Now anyone can scan this QR code to connect the network.

  • Now almost all method works only on the rooted devices But there is one method that can run on most of the device without root. That is,first of all install any file manager in your smartphone like file explorer etc and allow it to access to the root level document in your phone.After that  go to the directory /data/misc/wifi. Find the wpa_supplicant.conf file and open it in any textviewer.


           Tap on this file and you will get the password of all saved networks as shown below.

         This method not works for all the smartphone because nowadays smartphone are more       secure than the previous phone. So if  this method is not working in your phone then you can try another method rooting device.

  • Now,the methods that i am going to describe works only for rooted devices.So with the help of the third party application we can easily see the security key of already saved  networks on your android phone.third party application like wifi password recovery,wifi key recovery etc . All of them are almost similar by name as they works in similar manner.

“WIFI key recovery” application is available on google play store install it and when you will launch it first time it will ask you for the superuser access, then tap on the access granted.


After that it will show you a list containing all the wifi networks that you have ever connected to your device.It will show all other detail of those networks with security key in the psk field of each network This application is very secure because it does not crack the network,it uses the MAC/SSID address to find the password.       

  • “WiFi  password recovery” application works only for the rooted devices.


Available on google play store. This application is used for viewing the password of the network that you have ever connected in your android phone and you have forget the security key and you want to recover it.This application works similar to the previous one simply install it and provide the permission to the root level document access in your android phone.It will show you a list containing all the networks that you have ever connected.


Then choose your network and tap on it to see the password and some other informations.


This application also supports the network sharing feature. All you have to do that just tap on the network that you want to share with your friend and it will generate a QR code of that network.

So anyone can scan this QR code for connecting to that network.


About the Author: Nitin