How to use Google Tez on your phone

When the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji, announces the process of demonetization in which the old currency of rupees 500 and 1000 were banned but that was the only time when the digital market for banking and other modes of payment raised in a positive manner. They try to help the citizens of the country as this portlet cashless transactions in any bank or the retailer shop and many more.

Earlier the the customer used to stand in a queue and wait for their number in the line and some time there was also the issue of the Dead currency note on any other problems which the citizen of the country were wanted to get rid of butt applications of these digital marketing has helped a lot and it saved a time and it has made much easier than before. There are some other UPI apps like GBWhatsApp, Phonepe etc which you can try.

When you will use the UPI, you will be able to get the vpa which means virtual payment address it serves the unique ID for the bank. It will make easy for you for receiving and sending the payments while using this unique ID it will be look like an email dress like ([email protected]) . It also 11 years the need of sensitive information device in as your debit card number credit card number and the bank account number and so on .it is and advanced or upgraded origin of the I am PS which allows the user for the transaction anytime 24 * 7.

This method of UPI is somehow different from the events which have became popular in the country like India actually Even it required maintaining a balance which you will be leading for any transaction ,you want to perform any transaction this feature allow the user for debit or credit into your bank account . With the help of your Android smartphone you can even remove the preload of the e-wallet or Digital wallet. There are also many applications for the e-wallets for example Paytm it has also introduced the UPI option in the application for the smartphone devices.

For Installing and Setting Up Google Tez in your smartphone, you have to simple follow these steps –

  • You have to download the app page from the Google Play Store in your Android smartphone devices.
  • After opening the app you will be asked to choose your language as English is the default language in the application but it gives you a chance to sport the regional languages also
  • you have to enter the phone number that have to keep in mind that that mobile number is linked with your bank account then
  • you have to allow that pays for viewing and calls confirming the authentication via SMS
  • you have to get selected the Google account with this application it will automatically verify your phone number and
  • it will send you the one time password you have to enter that password for it will automatically do it with self
  • you can set up the security for you can use the fingerprint scanner or any Google pin.

As Google is one of the best Search engine in the Internet

So, how could Google leave or miss this opportunity for Digital payment and banking.

So Google has launched the Tez app . This is a Hindi word which means fast in ‘English’. It also give many ways for sending and receiving the money you can even stand out from the competition . It is that type of the application which there are many users of Android Smartphones who have still not use this application so here are some thing you need to know before starting this application.

Google Tez basically UPU ,which means unified payment interface. UPI was basically launched by the national payments Corporation of India that is NPCI. It is an unknown organisation umbrella for all the payment systems in India. It is an private and it is regulated the countries Central bank, the reservation Bank of India in short RBI and It is also supported by the Indian banks Association.

About the Author: Nitin